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FIRST RELEASE: Wotofo Warrior RDA Atomizer| Beehive Style Ai

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FIRST RELEASE: Wotofo Warrior RDA Atomizer| Beehive Style Ai

Inläggav Elegomall » lör 14 jul 2018, 10:44

FIRST RELEASE: Wotofo Warrior RDA Atomizer| Beehive Style Air Inlets

Hey folks,
we got a great news for you,
WOTOFO just bring an innovative RDA to the market!!!

Wotofo Warrior RDA Atomizer

Wotofo Warrior RDA Atomizer is a well-designed atomizer with shinning, glossy surface and beautiful resin 510 drip tip/Black 810 drip tip. Featuring two-posts build deck, it allows you to build with both single coil and dual coils easily. The deep juice well provides huge room for more e-juice, and there is a half round plug to block part of it when you build the single coil. It's a tight one with 48 airflow holes(24 airflow holes on one side in three rows), and you can rotate the top cap to adjust the airflow. Warrior comes with top refilling system so you may refill from the top easily and effectively prevent juice leaking.


What you will receive in the package:

1 x Warrior RDA
1 x Japanese Cotton
1 x Bag of Coils(3 pieces, Ni80, 0.28ohm)
1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1 x Extra 810 Drip Tip
1 x Bag of Extra O-rings
1 x Single Coil Adaptor
1 x User Manual

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Look at this new Hellvape Drop Dead RDA! Adopting from Dead Rabbit RDA, the Drop Dead RDA is a new flavor chasing RDA with 24mm diameter and colorful resin drip tip. With an innovative proven build deck for single coil or dual coils building, you can easily DROP your coils in and trim coil legs after installation. What's more, the Drop Dead RDA adopts an intelligent high side downward sloping airflow with 14 side airflow holes to maximize flavor, minimize leaking and bring you an extremely smooth and tasty vaping experience.


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Main Features:

1. 24mm diameter, 810 resin drip tip and another black 810 drip tip
2. Four large wire holes for simple building of single/dual coils
3. Larger space for DIY ardour and fun
4. Downward slopping airflow with 14 airflow holes in two horizontal rows, bringing extremely smooth and tasty vaping experience
5. Deep juice well, raised BF squonk 510 pin and standard positive pin included

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